Origin podium
Origin podium

Stellenbosch is blessed with trail that are stunningly beautiful and diverse. I am so privileged to have these trails on my doorstep, not to mention race them.
Corrie and his team did a fantastic job with the “Origin of Trails” course, I was amazed at their ability to build even more routes and connect the different single track networks in and around Stellenbosch.

Day 1 saw me finishing 3rd after some serious climbing and typical Jonkers heat. Some of the riders had close encounters with a cobra…shows you MTB is not for sissies!

Day 2 took us to the Bottelary Hills, I was having so much fun with the Trek Fuel X9 trail bike! I’ve never felt more comfortable on rocky descents.

Most of the proceeds went to the Stellenbosch Trail Building Fund – as a local rider, I am grateful to the team who maintains and provide us with the top trails in the world! For donations: Stellenbosch Trail Building Fund, ABSA 4076115350, Branch 632005.