Midlands Finish 2014
Midlands Finish 2014

In what can only be called a chaotic start to the year, I am fortunate enough to way that I have been on the better end of it all. Very blessed to have been able to dace so many great events in the past 8 weeks.

My most recent event was the Midlands Ultra triathlon, combined as SA long course triathlon champs.

I have been feeling slightly tired from many of the races so close together at the start of the year. In a base preparation phase of training, you are basically filling up your fuel tank so that it will last you for a certain planned period of time.

In my case, my tank was dull, but because of many races, I have slowly been emptying my tank a lot faster than initially anticipated.

Heading up to Midlands for another 70.3 distance race, I was slightly nervous about my form and how my body would perform on tired legs. I saw the event as a preparation race for bigger things to come later in the year.

Midlands Run 2014As the gun sounded at the start of the swim, I realised how flat I was… It was going to take a little more than a training day to win this. So I gathered myself and survived the swim. Heading onto the bike, I hydrated well and quickly caught the front guys at around 8km.

I immediately put un a surge and a couple of guys tried to follow. This lasted for all of 5km and then I was free to fly. I settled into a comfortable rhythm and tried to enjoy one of the most beautiful bike rides in the country.

My legs were good and the gap grew continuously over the 3 lap course.

Onto the run with a big gap in excess of 5min, I knew I could relax. I headed out onto the 3 lap run course and felt very comfy. Although the heat was pretty high, coupled with extreme humidity, hydration was key.

 I ended off solidly and happy with a good win.

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