Beacon Island, Plettenberg Bay

This 2 week gap is a small transition from the hard work done early on in the season & the hard work lying ahead, I wouldn’t call it a holiday, rather a short snippet for family time, fun running a time to switch my mind off briefly, in the bliss Plettenberg Bay.

Our stay in the Beacon Isle was nothing short of spectacular. Mine and Bethie’s usual trot along Robberg beach was replaced by a tag team system of my run around Robberg, followed by her run along Robberg. Luke was dictating the day and we were playing along.

The weather was spectacular and we jumped at the chance to bronze our pale skins before heading back to our hometown, Stellenbosch, for a wet and cold winter.

During our stay in Plett, I managed to hook up with hard man and Otter organiser, Mark Collins. He was happy to guide me through the tracks of the infamous Robberg and I obliged to challenge his long standing 46min Robberg lap. (my time: 40min30sec)

Here’s to a fun filled season!