My baby boy was born on January 14th 2013. I am so blessed.

It’s been 6 months since the addition to our family and Bethie and I feel so incredibly happy to enjoy every day with this special boy. He grows visibly bigger and stronger over night. He laughs from deep inside his belly and brings joy to everyone he comes into contact with.

He waits patiently at every finish line with his mom and is excited to give me a kiss after every race. He is an expert manipulator and often has both his mom and dad against the ropes grasping for air.

Parenting is by far the toughest job I have ever attempted. Life is no longer about me and time seems to stretch past the hour on every occassion. I have learned more about myself in 6 months than I could ever imagine & learned to appreciate all the simpler n\blessings in life.

 I love my family with everything I am. I love spending time with them, treasuring the simple pleasures life has to offer. I enjoy the coffee dates at Meraki, the fishing trips at De Zalze and the walks up and down Jonkershoek road.

I am blessed to be a dad and a husband to Bethie and Luke