Looking for a little diversity? A little mud? A lot of fun… Impi is the race for you!

20km of running around the beautiful wine farms just outside Stellenbosch, starting and finishing in the picturesque Lievland estate. The catch… 25 obstacles would need to be negotiated along the route, just so that you get to call yourself and Impi Warrior!! Sounded good enough for me…

So I decided to toe the line with some of the quickest obstacle racers in the country. The race started with a big, windy climb up the mountain which started to spread the field out. Soon we hit the obstacles and then it becomes a race of survival and risk aversion… get through the obstacles as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

At the front of the race it was myself and trail running legend, Iain Don-Wauchoppe. We were constantly trading the lead up until around 15km. We then hit a tough obstacle, that of carrying a 16kg honeycomb brick for 3.5km up and down the side of a mountain.

Here I managed to claw my way into a 2min lead and then maintain it to the finish to win my first Impi Challenge race.

It was so much fun, the bug has bitten and I’m already scouring the calendar for more of these.